Todd Ouchida – Trombone

Music is the gift that has continuously decorated Todd’s life since the 7th grade when he first picked up the trombone. Todd has played the trombone nearly every day since 1976, and regardless of where his life has taken him, there has always been an abundance of like-minded musicians to collaborate with. Although engineering was Todd’s chosen career path, his passion for the trombone has never subsided. He is profoundly thankful for the people and places the trombone has enabled him to experience in his life journey. Of all the countless musical groups and gigs Todd has been part of, there is one example that captures the essence of how music has been so powerful in bringing people together and enabling memorable experiences.

During an expat assignment in Copenhagen, Denmark, Todd played in a local big band in which a co-worker was a trumpeter. One of the gigs they played for was a wedding reception. Although the wedding traditions and language were foreign to Todd, the joy and happiness projected from the guests after hearing the sounds of Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington, etc. were universally familiar! To this day, over 20 years later, Todd remains friends with his former Danish bandmates. While driving home from the unforgettable gig at 1 a.m., Todd saw the glow of sunlight in the distant night skyline, and thought to himself, “How wonderful life truly is with the alliance of music .”