Membership into VanPort Jazz (VPJ) is by audition only. With the ensemble being a mixture of pros and semi-pros, the skill level is very high. If you are interested in joining VPJ, please use the form below, or send us a message with the word “AUDITION” in the subject line.

Please provide the following information when inquiring about an audition:

  1. Full name (first and last)
  2. Instrument(s) of choice to audition on
  3. Background of your playing experiences and skill level
  4. (optional): video/audio recording of you playing

If we are interested in auditioning you, an invite message will be sent (via email and/or phone call) to come sit-in and play at one of our rehearsals. Our rehearsals are EVERY Thursday evening from 7:15-9:15pm. You would be expected to sit-in with us for the entire rehearsal. This provides us an opportunity to hear what your musicality and skill-sets are.

Thank you for your interest in VanPort Jazz, leaders in big band jazz.