Janet Shattuck – Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Flute

Janet prefers playing the harmony of 2nd Alto Sax, but she also plays Soprano Sax when possible. She started playing piano in third grade and in fifth grade played string bass in the school orchestra. In sixth grade, she moved to alto sax and stayed there ever since. Janet has a BS degree in Music from Oregon State University (Go Beavs!). She also has a BS in Business with a minor in Computer Science, which is her chosen career.

Janet has played in concert, marching, pep, jazz, German, and cover bands throughout high school, college, and community groups, but playing in jazz bands is the most challenging and rewarding for her. Whether it is the challenge of improvising, doubling on flute or clarinet, or doing arrangements for the band, the reward of seeing the audience smile and dance is the best. Playing with an excellent group of musicians in VanPort Jazz who have a shared love of jazz takes the whole experience to the next level.