Ian Engelsman – Percussion

When Ian first started playing drums, his parents enrolled him in Musical Beginnings (now Vancouver Music Academy) as a drum, and later guitar, student.  Through high school, he was involved with concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, competitive marching band, and musicals.  He has an Associate’s Degree in Music from Clark College, and was involved with the Oregon Sinfonietta and Jewish Community Orchestra.

As the Covid-19 pandemic began to loosen up, he became more involved with session work and playing in several local musicals with Metropolitan Performing Arts and Clark College.  He is also the drummer for many other groups, including Atomic Terror (thrash metal), Immortali (deathcore), Vibra Quartet (R&B/Latin), and occasionally with Vancouver-based singer songwriter Al Perez.  He is also the guitarist for the choir of Saint John The Baptist, and with Jean-Pierre Garau.  He is now teaching in various places, including Guitar Center, Perfect Harmony Academy of Music, Soundstream Music, and formerly taught with the Hammersmith Rock Institute (now dissolved).