Bob Fitzgerald – Trombone, Vocals

Bob Fitzgerald joined the Vanport Jazz Band in the Spring of 2014 after retiring to the Northwest in the Summer of 2013.  He is thrilled and proud to be playing in the outstanding Trombone section, and also contributing a song or two up at the microphone.  Bob continues to enjoy an amazing life in music since 1962, which included four years as a Trombonist with Unit Band 163 in the US NAVY, from 1967 to 1971, at Sea and touring the Far East during the Vietnam War.  From a 1970’s Top 40’s band, to concert orchestras and big swing bands, he considers himself very lucky to have tasted a fair amount of the musical menu during his lifetime.  He feels very fortunate and honored to be a proud member of Vanport Jazz Band…and at 75, really, how much better could it get?